Tension among the Academic Council over the change in the Syllabus

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Tension aroused among the academic council meeting of DU at Tuesday evening. Some of the ABVP members entered into the Viceregal Lodge and started protesting against the English Syllabus.

After much disturbance by the protesters council decided to refer back the English , History,  Political Science, Sociology syllabus to their respective departments for modification.

After 11 July Standing Committee meeting was called to discuss the new updates in the Undergraduate Courses. Their was opposition to English Syllabus over the addition of ‘Maniben alias Bibijan’ by Shilpa Palarkar — a story set during the Gujrat Riots and questions were also raised on the papers on caste in literature and queerness 

Rasal Singh, member of the right-wing teachers’ group, National Democratic Teacher’s Front has called the inclusion of this story an attack on the RSS and an affront to Nationalistic Ideology .

According to Singh , in the AC Meeting , The university’s AC took serious note of the Logical and factual objections and have asked the respective departments to revise the syllabus. We have also asked for the resignation of the head of the English Department. 

Singh also informed that in the History Syllabus, major objection was of the removal of Rajput History , Ambedkar and of Sufi Poet Amir Khusro

Saikat Ghosh , AC member said that -“there was a lot of disturbance and protesting by the ABVP members , Heads of the department felt threatened due to their Actions “.

Another AC member , Sudhanshu Kumar, claimed that “the VC willfully made sure that ABVP disrupts the proceedings.” 

ABVP’s State Minister, Siddharth Yadav said – ”  It is very unfortunate that those sitting in the academic council are doing politics to join the political agenda of the Left ideology syllabus.” 

According to him ABVP didn’t indulge in any kind of violence and we’re protesting peacefully.


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