SRCC Vittshala : A step closer towards absolute financial literacy

Twenty-four students of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), University of Delhi celebrated Gandhi Jayanti spreading financial awareness in Palwal, Haryana.

A two-day financial literacy campaign (FLC) was organized by Vittshala-The Financial Literacy Cell under its Project Khushhali. Vittshala is a student-run voluntary organisation that aims at providing basic financial education to the marginalized communities and aspires to create a Financially Literate India!

Commenced on 2nd October 2019, Project Khushhali reached out to over 640 people across nine villages—Kamrawali, Amroli, Bamadiyaka, Azizabad, Aligarh, Kanwarka, Bela, Raidaska and Bamnikhera—in a span of two days.

An enthralling Nukkad Natak was enacted in every village for effective transmission of financial knowledge. The students acquainted the villagers with the benefits and modalities of various welfare schemes and policies launched by the Government of India (GoI) that best suited their financial status quo.

The project was executed in association with Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank. Ergo, the team was accompanied by bank officials throughout, on both the days. Thus, a great quantum of willing and eligible people were enrolled under various Pradhan Mantri schemes directly under the officials’ supervision. Other than that, many bank accounts and some Jan Dhan accounts were opened as well.

“The thought of a farmer running across his/her field during a storm while we’re enjoying chai and pakodas with our friends and/or families pushes us, urges us to work restlessly. If the deserving doesn’t get to enjoy and celebrate their hard work, then why shall we take a break. Without the long hours of extensive research by the team and careful evaluation of the accumulated data, it would have been impossible to meet success,” said Mr. Ashwini Kumar, an economics professor at SRCC, and the source of inspiration for the members.

The students with the help of their charming communication skills were able to easily mingle with the locals of Palwal. Through one-to-one interactions, many prevalent problems were identified and possible, befitting solutions were offered by Team Khushhali. It was reckoned that poor participation by women and their hesitation in front of the male members of the village was a major hindrance for overall socio-economic growth, common in all nine villages. The percentage of people having MGNREGA Job Cards, too, was significantly low. A few extraordinary cases were also found, where the respondent’s religious beliefs restrained them from availing insurance policies.

Encountering the real life predicaments of the villagers broadened the team’s perspective on numerous macroeconomic issues. The visit was a two-way exchange of knowledge. It equipped them with knowledge hitherto unknown. After two laborious days of nonstop campaigning, the students returned back with happy faces. “Everyone in this country knows about these problems, but how many actually try to solve them is the important question. Our strive is simply to serve the basic purpose of humanity, being compassionate to our fellow human beings,” said one of the team leads.


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