Security officials did nothing when men gatecrashed campus, molested girls

On the last day of Reverie, the annual cultural fest of Gargi College, there occured a massive breach of security. Despite the several guards and police officers stationed at the college premises, a rowdy, chaotic crowd managed to enter the college without proper id cards.

These people allegedly groped, ogled, and harassed the women in the college grounds. They were touched in inappropriate places, catcalled and followed after the fest ended. When the aggrieved students went to the principal and administration to take certain actions against these men, they were simply dismissed by saying that if they don’t feel safe at college, they shouldn’t come.

Since then the entire college has been protesting within its premises which has forced the administration to look into the issue. An fir has been filed in Hauz khas police station. DCP south Atul Thakur has been designated as investigation officer on this case. He will conduct an inquiry regarding the same


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