How to know RATES and QUALITY of T-shirts

Are you looking for t-shirts manufacturers or printers. I better suggest you to go with manufacturers because they can play with sizes after the t-shirts are printed, instead no help provided by the printers as they buy t-shirts in bulk and print it later.

Here are 5 points you must remember before you make your t-shirts order.

  • As I discussed above, you always go with the manufacturer instead a mere t-shirts printer.
  • As you go along, the next question is about the fabric quality. You must always discuss about its cotton % and GSM. It must be around 70-80% of cotton with 220gsm (Collor tshirt) and 180gsm (round neck tshirt).
  • After fabric quality, its all about how good you print your t-shirts. A manufacturer could offer you different types but you only go with Rubber and Screen printing.
  • Once you follow these 3 points, now you need to play a little bit carefully. Manufacturer tells you the final prize for the t-shirts now, but before taking it further you must ask about the price for the low budget t-shirts. Once you have the low budget t-shirts price, add it with 20rs, and the new rates are the real selling price for the t-shirts you were looking at the first place, because as a manufacturer there are only 2 types of quality all manufacturers use for the t-shirts making, where price differ only by 15-20 rs.
  • Once you’ve discussed all those 4 points, meanwhile you try to understand the man as in person, is he balanced, is he only looking for a bigger margin, or is he able to make you understand about everything with a very calm mind. At this point you must decide, weather to make a deal with him or not.

Also, if you don’t want to go with all these hassle, you can always just call us, and get the t-shirts manufactured as per your requirement of size.

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