How to excel in your academics during 1 semester


With starting a new life in the college , many habits of school life are left behind  , but  one thing that is not left behind is your EXAMS !!

To make sure you excel in your exams you need to follow certain guidelines , to complete your graduation in the best possible manner.

College is the best place where you can open the horizon of your thinking and analyse the best according to you. 

Manage Your time between the Curricular and Co-curricular activities. Make sure you don’t indulge always in activities that distract you and don’t let you focus on study.

Don’t miss on your classes and lectures , make sure you attend all the lectures . Try to make your own perspective and try to gain more and more knowledge. 

Make sure you cover your syllabus before exams so that you don’t have to leave everything  for the night just before exam.

Be super productive and try to manage all the things and be a multitasker and try to balance and differentiate between what is good and what is bad for you.


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