How Dussehra is celebrated in DU

The best thing about Delhi University is that you never find a moment of quiet in the colleges. The students go beyond their capacities to celebrate each and every festival that comes their way. From melas to fests, the colleges are occupied with some event all year long

Dussehra, being one of the most important festivals of India, is celebrated in unique ways.  Colleges like Gargi, Kamala Nehru and Indraprastha organise annual diwali melas. While some of them work for the purpose of raising money for NGOs, others are organised for the recreation of students.With dhols, magicians, flash mobs, these melas were all about spreading the festive cheer. They are filled with multiple food and games stalls for the people to enjoy.  NGOs are invited to showcase their work and aims and to attract donations.

Hence, along with enjoying themselves, the students also manage to put their efforts in for a good cause. One should definitely go and witness the magic of such melas if they get the chance.


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