DU law students not accepting nominees to gender panel

Students of DU’s Campus Law Centre (CLC) have alleged that the student election to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) for sexual harassment at the centre were not conducted as per the rules. According to students, the Tier 1 election, where the class representatives for the ICC were selected, was done without proper notification and informing the students. On Monday, students will be protesting against the anomaly and demanding that the election be held as per law. Shivank Trivedi, the vice president of CLC’s students’ union, said, “In September, the university had asked the departments to select the CRs for the ICC. These CRs are different from the CRs elected for coordinating the day-to-day matters. But our centre did not notify this. When Law Centre-1 uploaded the matter on the website and issued a notification, we got to know about it. We tried to raise the issue with different authorities.” These students submitted their grievances at the centre and at the office of the dean of students’ welfare and proctor’s office. The proctor’s office is the authority overlooking the election to the ICC.

“On November 6, the class representatives received an email and were asked to assemble in the teachers’ common room on November 7. The email didn’t specify any purpose. They called the general CRs and conducted elections in a deceitful manner without any prior notice,” said Trivedi. For election to the ICC, there are three levels. In Tier 1, the election of CRs for ICC is held from each class. In Tier 2, there is election among CRs in the faculty/department and the elected person’s name is sent to the university. “In CLC, the first process has only been flouted, resulting in many students not even knowing about the ICC. We are just being given assurance but nothing concrete has taken place and the election is scheduled for November 13. We only have a day’s time to ensure that everything is done as per law,” said Trivedi.


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