Delhi University : SSCBS cancels a Play on Kashmir

A play on the history and politics of Kashmir, titled ‘ Aksariyat Akliyat, ‘ to be performed at Delhi University’s Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies on January 25 was cancelled on Friday after the administration told the theatre group that the issue of Kashmir was sensitive and “it could cause trouble in college.”

The play traces the narratives of mythology and politics behind the formation of Jammu and Kashmir and was to be performed as part of the college’s annual ‘Crescendo 2.0’ event. According to Karan Chaudhary, co-writer of the play and an alumni of the college, “The play was cancelled a day before it could be performed after the teachers objected to the content and the dialogues, raising concerns that some people in the audience may get offended by it.” Part of the team that assessed the script, Rishi Ranjan Sahay, head of the management department, said: “We were not aware of the content or topic of the play earlier.” Sahay added that there were factual inaccuracies in the play relating to history.


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