College in Real v/s Reel life

First day at college

Watching a lot of movies before heading off for your first day of classes is sure to prepare you for a very different experience than you’ll actually get.  If you are a fresher movies like Kabir Singh, SOTY 1&2, Rang De Basanti, Me hoon na are only made to shatter your dreams of a perfect college life.


Movies- There is no stress about grades. Students can routinely skip class and easily pass, which is usually the only goal.

Real Life- Most students are future oriented. Unfortunately, skipping class for the sake of it has serious consequences. You will get bad grades. Students have a lot of assignments and projects to complete. Attendance also matters and you cannot just casually go on missing classes.


Movies- Stress is generally low and related to social life in the movies. Students are either exclusively academically focused or socially focused. No one is both. Exam week doesn’t exist.

Real Life- Many college students don’t party and do focus exclusively on academics. Others live by a “work hard play hard” mentality. Stress levels are generally high and are socially related but also athletically and especially academically related. Exam week is hell.

Movies- College is just one big party in the movies. Party all day party all night. Parties are LIT. Alcohol is everywhere. The bar is fully stocked. There are black lights and lasers EVERYWHERE. It’s the best night of your life and it’s only Tuesday!!

Real Life- Parties are not everyday and not all parties are equal in litness. Most colleges have a standard going-out schedule. Going to college and hanging out with our friends is cool but not like movies.

Stylish Entry – Remember Siddharth Malhotra’s Entry in Student of the Year. Trust me no girl will dance behind you. Arriving college in fancy car… and everyone staring at you can look good in movies.

You are not the Hero always – Finding your soulmate on first day… you enter in college a girl trip over something and falls in your hands and then eyes meet.. flower blossoms. But the reality is  you find your class sit silently for some days and be attentive to what is taught.

Sleep is BAE- Attending 8:30 am lectures is in itself a hard task. No time for makeup and good looks. Sleep is Important.

TEACHERS – You may have some really hot teachers but none of them will be as Sushmita Sen. There is no one who actually cares about your personal life. Professor comes, delivers lecture and goes back.


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