RamComm-The commerce society of Ramanujan College

Ever since its formation, RamComm has always strived to bring out the best possible outcomes one could expect. The commerce fest, ‘Bizz-Blaze’ being the best example, which saw huge crowd of student participation from various colleges across the country. The most important mission of RamComm is ‘Go for Breakthrough’ and to achieve it the team of RamComm supports […]

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commerce society

The Corporates – The commerce society of Satyawati College

Commerce societies pave way for all the commerce students who aspire to make it huge in the corporate world. ‘The Corporates’ – The commerce society of Satyawati College is one such platform for all students to experience and learn all about the corporate industry. With seminars, discussions, fests, they learn and grow and most importantly […]

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COMMCENTRIC – The Commerce Association of Kamala Nehru College (Since 1999)

KNOW ‘EM ALL! The motto of the Association is to encourage participation, raise awareness and give students an opportunity to use their skills in the real world. The Association abides by the agenda of “surrounding itself with assets, not liabilities!” The greatest achievement of the society has been its annual Commerce Departmental Fest “Commxcelsior.” The […]

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