Are you missing something important in your college journey?

College Life is all about capturing and gathering tons of Experiences. Graph of a typical college student looks like – College Societies are the best thing in the world to College Authorities are mad. From My experience, The day before fest is something you are going to remember for the rest of your life. Those discussions, last minute changes and of course the unnecessary fights. These are the ones that create lifetime memories. 

When I was having a word with Priya ( a student of Delhi University) three months back. She told me about her repeated failure in cracking BIG 4 interview. It was difficult for her to accept this and I on the other hand was aware why this is happening. In our college life, We gain a lot of experiences. But we spend the least amount of time in making our ideas presentable. Priya didn’t get a job from the college placement cell. But she worked with me on some Public Speaking project for Free. And recently, She cracked a job interview of a fast paced startup that is difficult to crack. I must say- Priya is genuinely hard working and sooner or later she realized the importance of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. 

I thought of making a community of Public Speakers where we can improve our skills. Would you like to be a part of it ? 

Just click on the below link :


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