After the fear of privatization in DU here comes another one conversationalist

During the convocation process this year Vice Chancellor of DU Yogesh Tyagi had announced appointment of 3000 guest lecturers. 

Earlier guest lecturers were appointed in case of special requirements like when a teacher was on leave or any special topic to be taught. 

Teachers and students are protesting against this decision as according to it this might lead to contractualisation. 

As DU was unable to conduct interview session previous years even after inviting applications for lecturers and those vacancies need to be filled. So they came up with the plan of guest lecturers. 

Rajesh Jha who is also an Executive Council member says such kind of rule is against 2007 EC resolution that stays if there is a vacancy for more than 4 months the post needs to be filled by ad hoc appointment.


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